Watch Maxine Waters Spends 20 Mins Running From Trump Supporters


Maxine recently came under fire after she went out of her way to incite violence against President Donald J. Trump, His cabinet, and ALL of his supporters.

Waters was filmed at a rally in California telling a group of supporters to attack and run anyone who’s a Trump supporter out of restaurants, gasoline stations, and anyone who’s just in public.

The left has become so unhinged, they don’t even know who they’re protesting anymore.

We recently witnessed how the left doesn’t care what the issues are, they’re going to protest anyone who President Trump nominates or supports.

Leftist didn’t even know who the nominee was, but they were prepared. Stupid right?

She tells her supporters to harass Trump supporters, but when it’s done to her, she hates it.

Karama is a BITCH isn’t it Aunty Maxine? This article first appeared on

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