Watch: Man Wearing Black Voices for Trump Hat Thrown Off Flight For Eating Without Mask


Numerous eyewitnesses made videotapes recording their personal reaction to watching a fellow passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight be removed from a flight for lowering his face mask, allegedly to eat a snack.

So a young black man wearing a @realDonaldTrump mask, is #harassed by a @SouthwestAir employee because he’s eating on the flight. Witnesses report the man only removed the mask to eat. #MAGA#Trump2020,” Bernard Kerik posted on Twitter, Wednesday.

On the video is seen a man talking to a passenger, a Black man with a “Black voices for Trump hat” and a “Trump” facemask, instructing him that he had to leave because the Flight Crew was refusing to take off until he was removed.

The passengers around him were very confused about the removal, with one woman making a video and saying that she was a frequent flyer with South West Airlines, and wanted to know the airline’s policy about eating with masks on, which she was not aware of.

“Please tell me the policy that says we can not remove our mask to eat,” a woman said. “This is about his hat, not his mask,” she said.

“Yes, it is about his hat,” a passenger sitting near the Black man said.

The whole shocking thing was captured on video.

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