WATCH: Liberal Nitwit Learns Why It’s a BAD IDEA to Spit in a Marine’s Face


Liberals have taken their hatred of the US military to dangerous extremes.

It’s one thing for Obama to cripple our military through executive orders. But it takes real balls (or is it no brains?) to literally spit in the face of a US Marine.

At a recent family event, an unhinged liberal approached a group of uniformed Marines and called them “murderers.”

He berated them for “defending our freedoms.”

The Marine who posted the following video wrote: “Guy walked up and spit in my face and another Marines (sic) face. Dude almost got his ass kicked.”

The Marines thanked local police for responding as quickly as they did, and preventing the infuriated soldiers from having to do something they’d rather not.

You see, because these are real men. They don’t WANT to hurt anyone, but are prepared to if the need arises.

And you don’t want to make them feel that the need has arisen.

H/T Vox Tribune

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