Watch: Joe Biden Asks Jill Biden to Switch Seats So He Doesn’t Have to Sit Next to VP Harris


Throughout the past few weeks, multiple reports have alleged tension between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. An awkward interaction between the two on Thursday will certainly not quell those concerns.

According to CNN, Biden and Harris were among many politicians in attendance at the United States Capitol on Thursday. They were there to honor former Senate majority leader and Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole, who died Sunday.

Harris arrived before Biden and found her way to her designated chair with her husband, Doug Emhoff. Afterward, Biden entered the room with his wife Jill Biden and the uncomfortable exchange commenced.

As Biden walked past Harris, he appeared to purposefully avoid eye contact with her.

Once Biden found his seat, he continued to ignore Harris, who stared straight ahead awkwardly. Biden then turned to talk to his wife, Jill.

After the camera cut to a wide shot, Biden could be seen moving toward his wife. The two eventually switched seats, setting Biden further away from Harris.

Benny Johnson, host of “The Benny Show,” posted a video of the interaction on Twitter.

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