Watch How Muslim Immigrants Treat Charity Trying To Give Them FREE FOOD


It has long been argued that Muslim immigrants are unlikely to properly integrate and assimilate.

Instead, in most cases they try to force their culture and religion on the local population.

Even to the point of being completely ungrateful to those trying to help them.

Such was the case recently when a group of unemployed Muslim immigrants confronted charitable food banks that were providing them with free food.

“All these people are here just asking you to fulfill the promises that you made,” said the group’s leader, a teacher of Islamic law. “We are asking only to have proper food which is, number one, ethnic food, and number two, unexpired, healthy food.”

A representative of one of the food banks promised to look into the matter. But he noted that the food being provided was good, even if not all of it met with the requirements of Sharia Law.

Though he insisted some of the food was being specially prepared according to Muslim standards.

At that point, an ungrateful Muslim woman shouted that the man was lying. That the food did not meet the standards of Sharia Law.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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