Watch How Minorities Respond When Told About New ‘White Privilege Tax’


If the following video is any indication of where our society is at, America is in trouble. And we need to turn things around, fast.

This video was shot in 2015, at the tail end of the Obama regime, a period defined by reverse racism against whites.

Media commentator Mark Dice went out on the streets asking folks, mostly minorities, to sign a phony petition to implement a 1% tax on all white people.

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Unsurprisingly, a number of people enthusiastically supported the idea.

But what was even more worrying was how the majority of people that Dice approached very casually signed their names to the petition, as if taxing people based on the color of their skin was no big deal.

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We’ve got a chance to reverse this sad situation now that Trump’s in office.

But he’s going to face a LOT of opposition to getting America back on track.

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H/T Allen West

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