Watch How Looting Thugs in Houston React When Confronted by Armed Man Claiming to Be Ex-SWAT Deputy


The city of Houston, Texas has been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey this week, and tens of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. Unfortunately, some low-life thugs have decided to take advantage of this situation by looting Houston when it is most vulnerable.

Now, however, someone is fighting back in a huge way.

Independent Journal Review reported that an epic new video shows Houston looters being chased away by a shotgun-weilding man claiming to be an ex-SWAT deputy. The video was uploaded to Youtube by user TexasProud, who said the armed man is her “neighbor.”

“It’s a shame. We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live,” the man says in the video. Seconds later, as he protects “Little York Food Mart,” he yells at the looters, “I’m telling you one time: I’m not scared to shoot you, I’m an ex-f**king SWAT deputy. I will cut your ass in half.”

It was this warning that sent the looters running for their lives.


At least 38 people have been killed by Hurricane Harvey so far, but that number is expected to rise. SHARE this story if you think these looters should be ASHAMED of themselves for taking advantage of Houston right now!

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