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Watch: “His Skull Was Showing, He Was Convulsing on the Ground” – Leftist Protester Critically Injured after Mob Tears Down Statue Right on Top of His Head


Minneapolis alone is said to have suffered 55 million dollars in damage.

However, it is not just business owners who are suffering here.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘A far left protester was critically injured on Wednesday when a leftist mob toppled a Confederate statue on top of him.

The young Democrats attempted to destroy a Confederate Monument in Portsmouth, Virginia.
When they knocked over one of the statues it landed on a fellow protester critically injuring the man.

A witness said the protester’s skull was showing and he as convulsing on the ground.’


Please pray for as speedy recovery for the man in this video, and also that our nation will soon heal and we can go back to being the shiny city on this hill that Ronald Reagan once described.

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