WATCH Hero Cowboys Subdue THUG Who Dragged Police Officer Down Highway


Attacks against our police are becoming more and more brazen. That’s because Obama taught violent thugs that they could get away with such behavior.

Well, with President Trump now in office, a lot more Americans are FIGHTING BACK.

An unfortunate New York State Trooper learned this first hand when he pulled over a man for texting while driving.

After learning that the driver’s insurance was expired, the officer said the car would need to be towed.

That’s when this thug, 29-year-old Kyheem Kelly, turned violent.

Kelly suddenly began to speed away with the officer, still handing out of his window.

A short distance later, Kelly crashed into the center median, jumped out of the car and began attacking the officer.

The resilient officer partially regained himself and moved to arrest Kelly, but was clearly having a difficult time after being dragged down the highway at high speed.

That’s when two passersby, a couple of hero cowboys, jumped in.

In the following video, which was filmed by a horrified eye witness, the cowboys are seen rushing to the scene and subduing Kelly, while the officer catches his breath.

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That God these heroes arrived when they did.

H/T Freedom Daily

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