Watch: Guns Drawn, Cops Pull Over Possible Murder Suspect


Three white cops. A minority couple. A stop on the side of the highway.

We’ve all heard this one too many times by now.

Except, this time, things ended precisely as they should in nearly every other incident of this type.

Rather than begin complaining about how the white police officers were clearly only stopping them based on the color of their skin, Dakota Shepherd and Jade Primeau heeded the cops’ instructions, complied fully, and then went on their merry way after exchanging friendly words and handshakes.

You see, despite it being a very clear case of mistaken identity, Shepherd and Primeau knew that the officers were just doing their job, in this case hunting down a couple of wanted murder suspects.

And because the couple was so cooperative, there wasn’t any chance of someone getting hurt, despite the fact that the officers had already drawn their weapons just in case the car they pulled over was being driven by the wanted killers.

If folks would just show a little more respect for our men and women in blue, this is how ALL traffic stops could go.

Source: CBC

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