WATCH: Girl Is Allegedly Gang Assaulted For Wearing A Trump MAGA Hat


Alright, this is getting ridiculous. Trump supporters are routinely labelled as “racist, sexiest, white supremacists,” and as “Nazis,” and here is the outcome.

This is an insane demonization tactic that casts tens of millions of people as deplorable subhumans that are deserving of disdain and possibly violence.

Many of our political and media elites have sent out the call to look upon anyone with a red “Make America Great Again” hat as a blood-thirsty racist, worthy of unrestrained outrage.

Here in this video, a girl is seen being gang-assaulted. Why? It’s hard to tell. However, The description of the video says that “Black guys fights white girl for wearing a Donald Trump hat.


Is this the America we want?

But maybe this video has been mislabeled and sent out to troll Trump supporters … But really…people getting targeted for wearing a MAGA hat is nothing new.

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