WATCH: EPIC VIDEO Takedown of Trump-Hating Millennials Goes Viral, MILLIONS Watching


Millennials are still crying over Hillary Clinton. Now, an awesome new video is mocking them BIG TIME.

This video features a song entitled “Whining Hillary Fans Song” by Dana Kamide.

The video shows many Clinton supporters sobbing when they found out that Hillary would not be the next president, and it mocks her for sending out John Podesta the night of her loss instead of facing the crowd herself.

Millennial liberals are just completely detached from reality. First, we saw them rioting in the streets, as the video portrays, and then they were trying to blame the election on the Russians. This is typical millennial logic that everything else is someone else’s fault.

How brainwashed do you have to be when Hillary Clinton is the reason you are crying?


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