Watch: Elizabeth Warren Stumbles When Confronted About Killing Babies


Elizabeth Warren wants to be president, but she can’t even seem to keep her own thoughts and ideas straight.

During a recent campaign event in Iowa, Warren had to be reminded about her own positions regarding abortion, and seemed flustered when a possibly-conservative audience member insisted she own up to her hypocrisy.

Warren was talking about healthcare for everyone when someone in the crowd demanded to know why in her platform “everyone” doesn’t include born babies who survived attempted abortions.

Warren didn’t like the question, and simply mumbled that “infanticide is illegal everywhere in America.”

And that was her big mistake.

She had opened the door for this man to remind Warren, very publicly, that just last week she voted AGAINST a Senate bill that would prohibit doctors from effectively murdering a born baby that had survived an attempted abortion.

In other words, Warren acknowledges that infanticide is illegal, but voted against keeping it that way.

And then she boasted about it.

“Republican politicians just tried (and failed) again to score political points at the expense of women. Enough. Women and their doctors should decide what’s best for their health,” she tweeted.

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