Watch: Democratic Party Chief Refuses to Answer Why He Just Gave Hillary Millions of Dollars


Rep. Keith Ellison is the current vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

He’s also one of the most dishonest and corrupt people in Washington.

That’s why when Ellison was asked point-blank on the street why Hillary Clinton is receiving millions MORE dollars from the cash-strapped committee, he refused to answer.

Hillary’s new money-laundering scheme, er, political group, Onward Together, has amassed a large mailing list. The Democratic National Committee would like access to these potential donors.

Hillary said they could have it, for the small fee of $1.65 MILLION!

Ellison and his cronies agreed to pay, but not all party members are happy about that.

“Are you disappointed that the Democrats are paying millions of dollars for Hillary Clinton’s email list?” Ellison was asked by the Washington Free Beacon. “Do you have any opinion on the fact that Hillary Clinton is charging millions of dollars for her email list?”

Unsurprisingly, Ellison ignored the question.

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