Watch CLOSELY What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Obama Stepped Off His PRIVATE Jet!


This month, the United States was rocked by yet another mass shooting when a gunman opened fire in the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, killing five people.

Afterwards, many in Florida expected Barack Obama to rush to their state to help them as they struggled to make sense of this tragedy.

However, since the shooting was carried out by a minority and had nothing to do with Obama’s race-baiting agendas, he was nowhere to be found.

Mad World News reported that the day after the shooting, Obama quietly flew to Florida, but he had no intention of helping the victims of the shooting in any way. Instead, he rushed into a chauffeured car as soon as he landed in Jacksonville on Saturday so that he could attend the glitzy wedding of one of his friends.

According to Daily Mail, Obama headed to Florida hours after his star-studded farewell bash came to an end at the White House at 4am.

He made the trip so that he could attend the wedding of White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, who was marrying Helen Pajcic at the exclusive One Ocean Resort and Spa.

Both the bride and the groom worked on Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and Nicholson has been a frequent golfing partner for the president.

In fact, Nicholson has joined Obama for 192 of the 333 games of golf he has played since taking office.

Obama rushed back to the airport on Saturday night to fly out of Florida without even so much as acknowledging the national tragedy that occurred there.

Instead of helping the victims of this horrific shooting, Obama instead chose to spend the weekend partying with his wealthy friends and celebrities.

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