Watch: CBS Reporter Tries to Embarrass Ivanka, Immediately Regrets It


CBS’s Gayle King demonstrated once again why the mainstream media has become fake news.

And Ivanka Trump DEMOLISHED her for it on LIVE TV!

Sooner rather than later the media is going to have to learn that they can’t push around the Trump family. Either that, or they’re going to become totally irrelevant.

Ivanka proved that in a BIG way when King tried to bait her into apologizing for what President Trump was “doing to the White House.”

Rather than fall into the trap, Ivanka BLASTED King and said she was PROUD to be a part of her father’s administration.

Gayle King is part of a larger problem in which the media has a need to manufacture crisis and scandal where none exists.

And they are doing this instead of reporting actual news, like the incredible amount of achievements Trump has racked up after just two months in office!

Not to mention the enormous positive impact Ivanka herself has had on the administration and America as a whole.

And that’s why CBS and others can only be described today as fake news.

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They ignore what’s really going on, and make up stories to fit their liberal agenda.

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