Watch Caitlyn Jenner Freak when told he/she has a Disease


Ok, first of all, it is really difficult to watch Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner (or, as some call it, “Bruce Gender”) talk for extended periods of time.

Ewww. I mean, is he…she…it doing that weird voice on purpose?! Maybe it’s just seeing a man’s voice come out of that grotesquely masculine woman’s body.

But it was worth enduring to see Jenner FREAK OUT while recalling a top Republican suggesting he/she has a mental disease.

Jenner likewise doesn’t seem too happy with Tucker Carlson calling into question transgender women being allow to compete in sports against real women, given their significant strength advantage.

Jenner then kind of goes into an incoherent babble when confronted with the fact that people of faith – namely, Christians – have what Tucker calls “very real” questions about all this transgender nonsense.

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