Watch: Bidens Neglect to Say ‘Jesus’ During Easter Message


These days, a growing number of Christians opt to refer to Easter Sunday as “Resurrection Sunday” to distinguish it from the cultural traditions of egg hunts, spiffy hats and brunch.

Our president of the United States, who we have been emphatically assured is a Devout Catholic™, meanwhile, made no mention whatsoever of any resurrection or anyone who may have once been resurrected during his first Easter Sunday address.

This was a choice he and his handlers in no way felt was at all irreverent, divisive or provocative as millions of the nation’s Christians were celebrating their most sacred holiday, apparently.

Yes, Biden failed to mention the Lord Jesus Christ in his Easter comments to the nation, but he did manage to mention Pope Francis, although this seems to have had more to do with the pontiff’s support for vaccination than it did the particular day of the liturgical calendar.

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