Watch as Trump Gets the Mainstream Media to Laugh at Elizabeth Warren


Sen. Elizabeth Warren probably wishes she could not take back that claim about being part Native American.

Because, whether or not it’s true, that claim has come to define her political career to a large extent. It’s pretty much all the mainstream media focuses on when it reports on Warren. Which is not good for a person considering a presidential run.

And they were at it again on Monday, when a reporter pressed Trump on whether or not he was prepared to apologize to Warren and pay her one million dollars.

You see, Trump had previously stated that he’d give Warren that amount if she could conclusively prove that she had Native American heritage.

Over the weekend, Warren released the results of a DNA test that suggested she might have Native American ancestry. Might.

Trump’s response was funny enough to get the other reporters at the scene to laugh at Warren and her silly charade.

“What’s the percentage? One one thousandth?” Trump asked.

“I don’t have the exact number,” the reporter responded (which doesn’t seem like very good journalism).

“Tell me when you have the exact percentage, tell me what the percentage is,” said the president, adding that he wasn’t giving Warren any kind of cash prize until he could “test her personally. OK, that will not be something I enjoy doing either.”

More fact-based sources of journalism later provided the numbers Trump was looking for, revealing that Warren might (and we again stress might) be as much as 1/64th Native American, or as little as 1/1,024th.

In other words, Trump was right. Even if Warren has Native American heritage, it’s so minuscule that it’s no more than a great many Americans today can claim.

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