Watch as Lindsey Graham Explains The High Cost of Illegal Immigration


Lindsey Graham just perfectly explained the high human cost of illegal immigration and what it means in a way most people can understand and visualize.

Graham said that the numbers of people illegally swarming across our southern border border is the equivalent of adding a new congressional district each year.

“Bottom line is this continues is like adding a congressional district of illegal immigrants every year. The average congressional district is about 600,000 people. This year alone we’re on track to do 640 — this has to stop” he said.

Those numbers are horrific but of course exactly what Democrats want.

Watch as Lindsey Graham explains the high cost of illegal immigration:

Again, Democrats want as many illegal aliens in the country as possible because that’s how they plan on gaining a permanent electoral majority.

Since they can’t win with the American people their strategy seems to be importing new potential voters.

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