Watch: Arrests In Kenosha As Blm Clashes With Rittenhouse Supporters


Police arrested multiple people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Wednesday after Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters clashed with supporters of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

According to a viral video from Freedom News, the incident occurred near where Kyle Rittenhouse was being tried for the alleged murder of two men during riots in the city when tensions erupted between the opposing sides.

Though the warring groups tried to keep the peace to the point of sharing pizza with each other, tensions escalated as a pro-BLM protester began hurling misogynistic insults toward a pro-Rittenhouse female protester. When police attempted to quell the situation, people started pushing back into the street, prompting several arrests.

The moment speaks to just how high tension has risen in Kenosha where authorities have been preparing for a potential riot in the event of Rittenhouse’s acquittal. As NBC News reported:

In the heart of downtown, small-business owners were prepared for the worst, fearing protesters, crime and vandalism may return reg… (Read more)

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