WATCH: Antifa PUNK punches a Trump-supporter and gets INSTANT KARMA


Entitled liberal millennials think they can get away with anything. You can hardly blame them. Obama taught them as much.

But those days are over. And these whiney punks are starting to learn that their are consequences for their actions… and inaction.

In the following video, a Trump-supporter was trying to conduct some street interview with folks who may not like our president.

The discussion was very civil, until a liberal brat affiliated with the “Antifa” movement rode up and punched the Trump-supporter in the face.

Everyone was shocked, but none more than the violent punk himself when he realized POLICE OFFICERS WERE SITTING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET!

Did you hear that?

This idiot tries to claim he was exercising SELF-DEFENSE!

Liberal millennials have become so entitled that even voicing opposing positions is seen by them as a violent assault, to which they are entitled to respond with physical violence.

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