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Watch: Americans Sign Petition to Arrest and Jail the Unvaccinated (by Mark Dice)


Don’t expect to feel inspired after watching the latest man-on-the-street video by conservative social media commentator and YouTube star Mark Dice.

Dice interviewed scores of people in Southern California while holding a fake petition and asked questions such as, “Do you think people who refuse to take a COVID vaccine should be arrested?”

An alarming number of those he interviewed in San Diego signed a petition they thought might lead to jail for those who haven’t been vaccinated. Some of them even agreed with Dice’s obviously satirical statements challenging one’s rights to medical choice and body autonomy.

“I don’t wanna hear any of this ‘My body, may choice’ stuff in today’s new world order. We’re going to put things right,” Dice said to a man who was unaware of his sarcasm and his twisting of the left’s common language on abortion.

The man agreed with it, saying, “I feel you.”

“So, we’re going to start having them arrested if they refuse,” Dice said to another woman.

Her response? “I agree,” she said.

When encountering one couple, Dice managed to keep a straight face when he said, “Some people are concerned about any possible long-term side effects that haven’t shown up in [vaccine] studies yet. But the time to worry about that is in the future. So, for now, they can worry about that in jail if they refuse to take the vaccine.”

“It’s time for some firm measures to take care of these people,” he added.

Dice could barely finish those sentences, as one of the people he spoke to interrupted, and at one point said, “I just can’t believe [the unvaccinated] don’t get it.”

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