Washington Post Reporter Exposed LYING About Trump Rally


A senior Washington Post reporter was forced to issue a public apology on Saturday after he was caught spreading FAKE NEWS on social media.

In an address to a packed arena in Florida, Trump took repeated shots at the mainstream media for grossly distorting the news, or just outright lying.

Incredibly, the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel was at that very moment validating Trump’s charges against the media by posting to Twitter in an attempt to make it seem as though no one had come out to hear the president.

Weigel posted a photo of the arena with most of its seats empty, alongside the mocking caption “packed to the rafters.”

But Weigel was forced to quickly remove the post when a colleague from the Daily Mail pointed out the obvious falsehood of Weigel’s assertion, which was clear to anyone watching the rally on television.

Weigel’s apology tried to make it seem as though he had made an innocent mistake:

But Trump was having none of it, and ripped Weigel and the mainstream media yet again on Twitter following the rally:

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Source: The Hill

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