Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos Slammed for Disgusting Thing He Did to His Wife


Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos has made a name for himself in a number of different ways.

But lately all anyone can talk about is his shameful treatment of his long-time wife, MacKenzie.

It’s already well-known that Bezos has been carrying on an extra-marital love affair with Lauren Sanchez, a former TV anchor who is also married to someone else.

Turns out Bezos wasn’t only cheating on his wife sexually, he was also busy betraying MacKenzie by casually sharing very private spousal conversations with his mistress.

From Page Six:

The latest leaked sexts from Jeff Bezos show the love-drunk Amazon billionaire really coming out of his shell — this time sharing his wife’s bizarre, turtle-themed nightmares with his paramour.

“MacKenzie dreamt I redecorated the bedroom,” Bezos dished to paramour Lauren Sanchez in September, according to the National Enquirer.

“I kept doing it and it got weirder and weirder and weirder. Until I was sewing stuffed turtles into the comforter,” he texted Sanchez, crassly sharing his marital pillow-talk with his mistress.”

What’s really ludicrous is that this honor-less sleaze-ball has the audacity to routinely criticize President Trump for indiscretions in his private life.

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