Washington, DC Has Become a FORTRESS to Keep Liberals From Attacking Trump


Donald Trump is just hours away from being inaugurated our 45th president as we write this.

And Washington, DC has been transformed into a fortress to prevent radical liberals from attacking or otherwise disrupting the ceremony.

It is estimated that over $100 million has been spent on security for this one event alone.

Armored vehicles line the streets, snipers are positioned on rooftops and special technology has been deployed to prevent drones from entering the airspace around the Capitol.

A whopping 28,000 security personnel are part of the operation.

They have closed off a 100-block area in the center of DC, and anyone entering that safe zone must go through heavily-defended checkpoints.

It was estimated that well over one million people would be in attendance. That is simply unprecedented.

And it’s going to keep our security forces very busy.

Let’s all pray for a smooth transition of power free from violence and bloodshed.

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