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Walt Disney Co. Suspends Contributions To Lawmakers Who Objected To Election Certification


Walt Disney Co. and the Motion Picture Association are falling in line with other organizations and suspending contributions to lawmakers who objected to certifying the electoral votes in at least one state on January 6. Many Democrat politicians and celebrities have blamed the lawmakers’ willingness to challenge the election results as a motivating factor in the chaos that occurred as Congress gathered to certify the results.

“The insurrection at our nation’s Capitol was a direct assault on one of our country’s most revered tenets: the peaceful transition of power,” a Disney spokesperson said, according to Deadline.

“In the immediate aftermath of that appalling siege, Members of Congress had an opportunity to unite—an opportunity that some sadly refused to embrace. In light of these events, we have decided we will not make political contributions in 2021 to lawmakers who voted to reject the certification of the Electoral College votes,” the spokesperson added.

Similarly, the Motion Picture Association’s executive vice president Patrick Kilcur said in a statement that the MPA is “shocked and saddened by the horrific events at the U. S. Capitol last week” and have thus “decided to suspend for the foreseeable future all contributions to Members of Congress who voted to challenge the certification of the vot… (Read more)

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