Walmart Makes Big ANNOUNCEMENT Before Trump Gets In Office


President-Elect Donald Trump will take up residence in the White House on Friday, and just days before that happens, Walmart has rushed to make a big announcement.


According to Reuters, the world’s largest retailer said Tuesday that it will create 10,000 new American jobs in 2017.

And new store openings this year will add 24,000 new temporary construction jobs.

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez expressed, “We view this as an opportunity to participate in an ongoing conversation about the private sector’s role and address the contribution we are making to the community.”

While the number of new jobs isn’t huge for such a large corporation, the timing of the announcement shows that even one of the world’s biggest companies is paying close attention to what Trump has been promising.

This announcement comes after other companies like General Motors, Carrier, Amazon, and U.S. Steel have said they’ll create or keep even more jobs in the U.S.

Trump has made it clear for months that keeping jobs in America is a huge goal of his administration.

German company Bayer AG is buying Monsanto, but assured America on Tuesday that it will keep the U.S. seed company’s 9,000 jobs and add 3,000 more high-tech ones in our country.

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