VP Pence Just SHUT UP Every Liberal Protester With MASSIVE Reveal on Travel Ban


Liberals are just looking for an excuse to smear President Trump. It doesn’t even matter whether or not that reason is backed by facts.

That’s precisely why there’s so much disinformation fueling the anti-Trump sentiment surrounding the president’s temporary restrictions on immigration from certain countries.

Vice President Mike Pence just silenced all that nonsense with one simple line during a recent interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“On the very day the executive order was implemented… there were hundreds of thousands of people [who] came in from countries all over the world into the United States and, I think, more than 100 were detained for addition questioning,” said Pence.

Did you get that?

The liberal mainstream media made it appear as though US border officials were stopping every traveler who didn’t have white skin.


Every day, thousands of non-American travelers continue to enter this country unmolested.

A tiny fraction of those seeking entry are subjected to additional checks. They aren’t banned. They aren’t abused. They are simply asked additional questions.

Seriously, what country wouldn’t take such reasonable measures to keep its citizens safe.

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Oh, that’s right, a nation ruled by Barack Obama…

Well, there’s a new president in town, and he’s not going to let that charade go on any longer!

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