VP Pence Just Showed America What a True Leader Looks Like


Liberals and the media claim the Trump Administration has shown no “empathy” for hurricane-battered Texas.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and Vice President Mike Pence just proved it. But don’t expect the fake news media to pay it much attention. They’re too busy spinning a false narrative.

So, want to know what Pence was up to as Texas suffered?

Well, after Pence joined Gov. Greg Abbott in addressing Texans, and Second Lady Karen Pence led the state in a powerful prayer, the vice president was seen doing this:

Those are images of true leadership.

Pence was getting his hands dirty doing the mundane work that needed doing. He was busy uplifting people who were at their most desperate. He was being a true leader.

Show this to everyone who claims the Trump White House failed to help the people of Texas.

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H/T Independent Journal Review

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