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VP Mike Pence Just Made an ANNOUNCEMENT That Has Every Police Officer CHEERING


President Trump and his administration are determined to turn certain attitudes around in this country.

And at the top of the list are attitudes toward the police. VP Mike Pence continued that ball rolling with a major announcement on Fox New’s “The O’Reilly Factor” this week.

Said Pence:

“We as Americans should recognize that the men and women who serve in law enforcement are not a force for division. They’re the best of us. They deserve the support of the rest of us.”

Now that is a 180 degree turn from what the White House of the past eight years was telling Americans.

Rather than encourage the American public to respect the police, the Obama Administration stoked the flames of anti-police sentiment.

Relations between the police and the public at large reached an all-time low.

Thank God, Trump and Pence are working hard to turn that around.

Let’s share this EVERYWHERE to show our support for the men and women in blue!

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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