Voters Get REVENGE on Obama-Loving Mayor Who Flooded Town With Refugees


Refugees are all the rage, apparently. So Mayor Christopher Louras was probably certain flooding Rutland, Vermont with them would win him the love and support of his liberal constituency.

Oops. Instead, it got Louras booted from office.

When President Obama wanted to boost his liberal credentials by settling a handful of Syrian refugees in the United States, Louras signed right up.

Louras informed surprised locals that they would soon have 100 new neighbors from war-torn Syria. Oh, and nearly all of them would be Muslims. Forced upon a small Christian town of just 16,000 people.

What could go wrong?

The residents of Rutland weren’t willing to wait around and find out.

The town this week held elections that were seen as a referendum on Louras’ refugee pledge.

He lost. Big time.

Opponent David Allaire, his most vocal critic when it comes to the refugee program, won 52 percent of the vote to just 34 percent for Louras.

“That’s not just a win, that’s a drubbing,” one local activist told WND.

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Louras had been mayor for five terms, so this was a major slap in the face.

Rutland voted overwhelming for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, so it’s a very liberal town. But clearly most locals agree with Trump when it comes to unwisely flooding small Christian towns with Muslim refugees.

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