Viral Fact Sheet on Trump, Obama and Clinton Has Liberals Fuming on Social Media


They say the truth hurts.

I have no doubt there are a great many liberals feeling very literal pain over the fact that President Trump has turned out to be so effective.

This is (or shouldn’t) be about personality or whether or not we like a particular elected official. It’s supposed to be about whether or not they get the job done.

Every president elected to the White House has made grand promises about how he was going to fix our nation.

It just so happens that Trump is the only one to actually make good on those promises.

A brief fact sheet being shared on social media drive home that point by noting that Bill Clinton oversaw record-setting incarceration of African-Americans, while Barack Obama (our first black president) presided over record-setting numbers of African-Americans going on welfare.

And Trump?

Well, he’s succeeded in setting a new record, too – for black employment.

That’s right, the man the mainstream media calls the “racist in chief” is the first president in living memory to truly benefit the African-American community in a meaningful way.

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