Vile Lib Teens Attacked Trump Vets With Eggs, Almost Got Away With It Until Driver Hit The Gas! [Video]


One woman was recording the events of the day and showing the pride and patriotism that some people showed.

Even the people who didn’t care for the display of the flags were still respectful and were not rude. That’s when things turned for the worse.

One vehicle drove by and did something that all the other cards didn’t do. This vehicle was filled with some younger ladies who had a nasty surprise for the Trump supporting American citizens.

The ladies in the car allegedly threw frozen eggs at the people who were sporting the Trump and American flags. If that wasn’t bad enough, then the vehicle navigated the road back to the scene of the egging and threw more eggs.

The incident was caught on video and contains a brief moment of vulgar language.

After they were egged by the mischievous youth, there was someone who was quick-thinking who got in their vehicle and chased them down.

They asked them if they wanted their eggs back. The passengers in the car acted like they didn’t know what anyone was talking about, which is often what people do when they’re caught “egg-handed” in an abusive attack on fellow Americans.

We have a good picture for you …

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