VIDEO: Welfare Queen Does the UNTHINKABLE In a Convenience Store After They DENIED Her WELFARE CARD …


A woman destroyed a convenience store in the US after being told her benefits card would not be accepted.

Shocking footage shows the woman throwing stock from shelves and screaming before being restrained and physically removed from the store.

The video starts with the woman slowly walking through the store while knocking packets from shelves, sending items flying all over the floor.

She can be heard shouting before grabbing boxes and bags and tipping the contents out.

Despite store employees and fellow customers trying to stop her, the woman continues the destruction.

Finally a store employee grabs her and physically removes her from the shop, telling her to ‘get the f*** out of here’.

Some online commentators have suggested that the woman was mentally ill which may have caused her outburst.

H/T: Daily Mail.

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