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VIDEO: Welfare King With 10 Children Mouths Off To Judge Judy – INSTANTLY Regrets It


Judge Judy is known for tolerating absolutely no nonsense in her courtroom.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that she absolutely annihilated the welfare leach in this clip when he tried to mouth off to her during court.

The Political Insider reported that the man in this clip is a 21 year-old freeloader who already has ten children with multiple women.

He immediately tries to blame others for the damage he has caused, but he really slips up when he tries to humiliate Judge Judy in her own courtroom


When asked how many baby mamas he has, the thug replies to the judge, “about four of them… including your daughter.”

BIG mistake!

Watch as Judge Judy gives the hoodlum a brutal dose of reality, teaching him a lesson about respect that he will NEVER forget!

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