Video: Trump shows Respect for Elderly Lady Getting Medical Help at Rally… Crowd Prays


Top conservative women showed up to show their support for Republicans running across America.

Along with an appearance by Trump’s daughter Ivanka, Judge Jeanine, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and RNC Chair Ronna Romney all stood on the stage with Trump proudly smiled at the women on stage, telling his supporters that he’s always said, “women are smarter than men”.

But something even more amazing happened when an elderly lady in the audience was suddenly in need of medical attention.

President Trump stopped speaking and kept his eyes fixed on the woman who was in need of care. He immediately asked if there was a doctor close by. Almost immediately after calling for a doctor, President Trump was telling the medical professionals to “take your time”, that “we can wait”.

President Trump also asked the crowd to take a moment and pray for the elderly woman.

After about 5 minutes, President Trump’s supporters began to come together and sing “Amazing Grace”, and it was AMAZING!

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