Video: Trump Puts Facebook On Notice: Cease & Desist Censoring Conservatives… OR ELSE


Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel this morning put Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey on notice that continued censorship of conservative content would no longer be tolerated.

Parscale and McDaniel appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss their plans. 

Parscale then took to twitter to spread the bugle call.

Then Parscale posted the letter he and McDaniel sent to Facebook and Twitter to his Twitter feed:

Parscale told Fox and Friends this morning “What we want to do in this letter is make sure that we understand what’s happening. We want to ask them for transparency — I think the public deserves that transparency”

“We need to know that conservative voices have a chance to get their message out.”

Parscale noted that this had been going on for some time but that their censorship efforts had intensified more recently:

“We saw this during the 2016 campaign, where they were manually manipulating the trends. We’ve seen this with the algorithm changes, we’ve seen reductions in Donald Trump’s reach on the platform — 25, 30, even 40 percent reach decrease.”

Our Facebook pages are currently serving a 14-day suspension for posting spam – that’s Tech talk for “the truth.”  Prior to being banned our engagement had been cut by 95%.  While it makes it more difficult for inquisitive readers to find us that is not the primary goal of the censors. 

By demonetizing our sites they hope to drive us off the web altogether.  Those who seek tyranny will not tolerate debate because they cannot survive in the arena of ideas.

Despite Silicon Valley’s interference in the 2016 election Donald Trump still prevailed because their censorship was not complete.  But make no mistake; Internet giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter have the power to alter the outcome of elections in a major way. 

Researcher Robert Epstein has conducted clinical studies of their powers of “persuasion” and his findings show that when working in unison their influence over people’s perceptions and beliefs are overwhelming moving the vote by as much as 80%.

RNC Chair McDaniel told Fox and Friends:

“It’s a legitimate fear, and I hear it all the time as we’re traveling the country. People are very concerned that conservative voices are going to be suppressed on social media.”

“Brad and I feel, pre-emptively, we have to get out ahead of this.”

“We need to make sure that conservative ideals and principles are allowed on these social media platforms, and [that] there’s not a thought police coming from Silicon Valley.”


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