VIDEO: Trump Possibly Attacked in Missouri. Here’s What We Know So Far…


Cellphone camera footage taken during President Trump’s visit to Springfield Missouri yesterday shows a possible attack on his motorcade.

Trump was making his way through the center of town with his sizable presidential motorcade when a white sedan suddenly tried to hop and embankment onto the closed-off road.

This happened after Trump’s police motorcycle escort had passed and just as the president’s car was coming into range.

It’s not entirely clear if this was an attack or not.

But the timing is certainly suspicious, as is the white sedan’s ill-advised effort to get onto a road that was clearly closed off by police.

A Secret Service vehicle quickly pulled over and four agents jumped out to assess what had happened.

Police tweeted that there was “no intent of harm or disruption to the motorcade,” but would not release any further details.

H/T The Blaze

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