VIDEO: Thug Insults Wife, So Husband Employs A Brutal Knockout Technique


A married couple was at a festival when a arrogant thug walks up to them and starts harassing his wife.

Of course, the husband brutally fights back. The thug messed with the wrong wife this time.

I’m not condoning this – but I understand. The dude is putting the move on the guy’s wife and maybe he thinks he’s gonna get his ass kicked if he defends her so blam! Somebody had to do something.

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Have to admit he gives the thug ample time and opportunity to walk away, but he just kept going at them – so the guy who got cracked is clearly at fault and probably hurting for a few days…

… or was he?

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Some people believe this is staged cause the audio is so clear even though the guy filming is so far away.

If it is – it’s dame well done. On the other hand, maybe the guy had a damn good microphone that you can point and pick up sound from far away – what do I know?

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What do you think?

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