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Video: This Palestinian father uses his son as bait, trying to get the IDF to shoot the child. You won’t believe what happens next!


A video has emerged of a Palestinian father using his 3-year-old son to bait Israeli Defence Forces personnel.

The father is saying in Arabic that the soldiers should shoot and kill the child, stating that they will have it on camera.

Instead of shooting the child, or showing any sign of aggression towards him, one of the Israeli soldiers instead offers the boy his hand. The boy gladly responds and gives the soldier a handshake.

The father then shouts to the boy telling him to throw stones at the solder. The boy is then seen picking up various rocks and stones and throwing them around. However, it is important to note that the child does not aim the stones at the soldiers. In fact, he throws them in the opposite direction.

He clearly knows better than his father, even at the age of three, after all, why would he want to throw stones at someone who was nice to him?


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