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VIDEO: Texas Deputy Fired For Viral Video, ‘Everybody Wanna Say F-k The Police. F-k You!’


A Texas deputy was terminated after his rant about police work – in uniform – went viral. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)

Former Henderson County Senior Sheriff’s Deputy Keon Mack said he had no idea that the rant he filmed in uniform in his patrol vehicle would go viral when he posted it to his Instagram account.

Mack, 30, said he made the video because he wanted to make the point to people that he’s the same person whether he’s working or not.

“I just wanted to let people know – you know, everybody that hates the police – especially the black community who looks at us like we’re siding with the oppressors. My whole point of the video was ‘look I’m a normal guy. Even though you guys swear you hate us, you still call us – even in the craziest situations. Don’t hate us – we’re here for you. I’m a normal guy and I’m here for you on a daily basis,” Mack explained to Blue Lives Matter in a telephone interview.

Mack, who has worked for the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in both a detention and patrol capacity for almost six years, recorded his rant while he was in full uniform, sitting in his patrol vehicle, at the beginning of a long shift.

“I’m gonna go get this 12-hour shift man, but uh, real tough man – everybody wanna say ‘f–k the police,’ man. Say – f–k you!” the deputy’s rant began.

“Sh–t, every time Pookie Earl hit the g—–n wet stick and he come in the house trippin on a [unintelligible] you wanna call me… say f–k me, no f–k you man, sh-t. I ain’t got time to be fighting his naked a–,” Mack continued.

A “wet stick” was a 1980’s term for marijuana that has been soaked in liquid PCP, heroin, acid, or embalming fluid, according to the Urban Dictionary.

Although scientists have yet to link the use of “wet” drugs to violent behavior, officers have reported that suspects who have used those drugs often exhibit bizarre and unpredictable behavior during arrests, and seem to have super human strength.

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