Ted Cruz Mocks Nancy Pelosi and We Can’t Stop Laughing [video]


Ted Cruz has turned out to be a pretty loyal Republican, not to mention one of the more humorous lawmakers, despite not always seeing eye-to-eye with President Trump.

While the two have often been at odds, Cruz isn’t one to let disagreements cause him to betray his stated values for the sake of taking out even a political opponent.

He was proudly among the 51 Republican Senators who voted last week to end the impeachment charade against President Trump.

And after it was over, he mocked the woman leading the charge against the president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

We all remember how Pelosi let her more uncouth side show following the State of the Union by mockingly clapping right in Trump’s face.

Cruz mimicked that mocking clap after he and his fellow Republicans defeated Pelosi’s articles of impeachment, and we are LOVING IT.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up

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