SHOCKING Video Surfaces of Michelle Obama Explaining Why She HATES WHITE PEOPLE


Michelle Obama tried to play the dignified First Lady.

But everywhere she went, the real Michelle Obama shone through – obnoxious, arrogant, and race-baiting.

The video comes from the time of Barack Obama’s run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Michelle, true to her nature, is busy playing the victim card, trying to convince viewers that despite living in great privilege, she is a victim of “oppression.”

This woman is an IDIOT.

Not only is her entire depiction of “oppression” in America ridiculous, she’s actually demeaning African-Americans by claiming they all have an “inferiority complex.”

Well, Michelle, tell that to all the confident, successful and fulfilled African-Americans who are serving their nation, leading business, heading hospitals and walking the halls of power.

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