Video: ‘Shut Up & Sit Down!’ 15-Yr-Old Black Republican Puts Anti-Trump David Hogg In His Place


David Hogg, the liberal mouthpiece, has decided to bully the sponsors of Laura Ingram’s Fox News show “The Ingram Angle.”

Hogg has decided to be a mouthpiece for the left and has claimed he knows more than us adults who “don’t know how to use a F#### Democracy,” but he gets all butthurt if someone says he’s whining. Even though he himself has ruthlessly attacked and bullied people who don’t agree with his point of view.

But the 15-year-old black Republican CJ Pearson isn’t about to let him get away with taking out his frustrations on Laura Ingram.

So in a rant aimed at anti-American David Hogg, the new face of the anti-Second Amendment movement, CJ took no prisoners.

.@davidhogg111 wants to be a public figure, tear the into shreds, and be the self-proclaimed voice of my generation but can’t take a little criticism from Laura Ingraham? There’s no safe spaces in politics, David. Grow up.

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