Video: Senator nails Mark Zuckerberg: “your user agreement sucks”


Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana didn’t mince his words with Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg at the Senate hearing on Tuesday, stating in plain terms:

“Here’s what everybody’s been trying to tell you today, and I say this gently. Your user agreement sucks.”

In a colorful exchange late in the hours-long hearing, the senator told Zuckerberg to rewrite his user agreement in “English and non-Swahili” so the broader public could understand it.

“You can spot me 75 IQ points. If I can figure it out, you can figure it out,” Kennedy said. “The purpose of that user agreement is to cover Facebook’s rear-end. It’s not to inform your users about their rights.”

“I am going to suggest to you that you go back home and you rewrite it and tell your $1,200-an hour lawyers, no disrespect, they’re good, but tell them that you want it written in English and non-Swahili, so the average American can understand it. That would be a start,” Kennedy added.


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