VIDEO: Rioters Beat Woman With Two By Fours After She Asked Them To Stop


Rioters beat a couple when they were confronted about looting.

Rochester, NY – A woman and her husband were beaten by rioters Saturday evening after confronting them as they broke into a business.

The attack was captured on video (video below).

The video showed a group of people breaking into the front of Rochester Fire Equipment Company.

The group is believed to have been trying to get into the neighboring jewelry store, according to WHAM.

That’s when a women who lives above the business stepped outside to try to get the rioters to stop.

After causing more damage, it momentarily appeared that the rioters might leave before they suddenly turned around and started beating the woman.

The woman’s husband ran out with a golf club, but was no match for rioters carrying eight-foot-long two by fours.

The man who took the video told WHAM that the woman was taken away in an ambulance.

The extent of the couple’s injuries was not reported.

The attack took place as over a dozen U.S. states called in their National Guard soldiers to help control rioting.

Other video from Dallas Saturday showed a man with a sword attempting to defend a business before rioters beat him unconscious. They then attacked his unconscious body.

You can see video of the Rochester attack below. Warning – Graphic Content:

This video is shot by my brother who lives in Rochester, NY. The business owners came out to try and stop the looters and they began beating them with two by fours! The woman was taken away in an ambulance. My brother waited for the police to give his statement and this video. I’m just disgusted. How is THIS “justice for an innocent man”.Update: couple may not be the business owners, they are residents upstairs.

Posted by Jenny Flynn on Saturday, May 30, 2020

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