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VIDEO: Rioter Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire While Trying To Torch Building


Fayetteville, NC – A rioter accidentally set himself on fire while trying to burn down the Market House building Saturday evening.

Multiple videos captured the incident (video below).

The video starts as a man picked up a flaming Molotov cocktail off of the ground.

It appears that before the start of the video, somebody had thrown the explosive device, but the bottle didn’t shatter and it only caused a small fire as accelerant leaked out.

After picking up the flaming bottle, the rioter raised it overhead to throw it into the building.

As the rioter swung the bottle overhead, flaming accelerant poured down onto the man.

While on fire, the man ran down the stairs and dropped to the ground as others tried to help put out the flames.

Other video showed that the flames could be seen across the street.

The identity and condition of the suspect remain unknown.

Despite the rioter’s incompetence, the Market House was destroyed after other rioters tossed flammable material onto the flames.

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The Market House was built in 1832 and was used for the sale of slaves every two months until 1865, according to Wikipedia. The building hosted a museum before its destruction Saturday.

You can see video of the incident below. Warning – Graphic Content:

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