Video: Portlander Shot W/ Bean Bags Claims He Was ‘Peacefully Protesting,’ But Was Caught on Camera Enkindling Fire at Court House


The rioter claims he was hit six times with bean bags as he was talking to Blaze reporter, Elijah Schaffer.

Schaffer asked him if he was the same peaceful protester that was involved in starting/enkindling a fire at the courthouse.

The unidentified rioter said no, not knowing that Schaffer filmed him as he was setting the fire.

When you watch the video it seems clear that the man is either very intoxicated or suffering from some sort of mental condition.

The Gateway Pundit opined:

“They tried to snatch me, they pulled out zipties, shot me with bean bags,” he said. “They tried to steal me.”

When asked by Schaffer if he was the same guy who had tried to start a fire, the man said no and suddenly tried to get his friend away from the interview.

“He failed to mention that he was also an arsonist who built an illegal fire on federal property,” Schaffer tweeted with a video of him fanning the flames.

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