[VIDEO] Newt Delivers Devastating News For The Traitors Who Boycotted The Inauguration


Democratic Congressman John Lewis of Atlanta outraged Americans everywhere when he argued that President Donald Trump is “not a legitimate President.” When Trump defended himself, Democrats tried to position Trump as the aggressor.

Liberals even went so far as to “boycott” Trump’s administration for his treatment of Lewis, choosing to not be in attendance at the historic event. Now, Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is going after those Democrats in a major way.

During an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures, Gingrich was asked his thoughts on the matter.

“The 70 Democrats who didn’t go to the inauguration were neither missed nor deeply regretted, and nobody, frankly, cared,” he said. “And if they feel better about it, good for them.”

Gingrich also targeted Democrat Chuck Schumer for trying to stall the confirmation of Trump’s cabinet picks.

“What Schumer is doing is putting petty, negative, nasty politics ahead of the management of the federal government,” he argued. “The president has a right to have a cabinet to run the government, and I think people should come down on Schumer like a ton of bricks. I think, frankly, patriotic democrats ought to be furious.”

Watch the interview below and tell us what you think.

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